We Hurl So That You Don’t Have To

Welcome to flicksthatmakemesick, a website that dares to expose the stomach-churning threat of movies that are filmed by indie director/sadists with hand-held cameras who believe their artistic vision is more important than the tooth enamel of the people who pay to see their films.

Check out the revolutionary barf bag rating system, and know that you will never again be surprised when a gentle children’s film such as Where the Wild Things Are lets the wild rumpus begin right down the front of your shirt because who the hell expected that from this film? I hate you, Spike Jonze.

For the whole story of how this site came to be, click on How it All Began. Check back frequently for reviews and add your own comments and experiences with barfing at the cinema. If nothing else, this site proves that there is no niche too insignificant to have a website created about it.


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  1. Hey, come back!

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